Faculty and Staff

How Can Parents Email Their Child’s Teacher?

  • The email addresses of a child’s teachers are available to parents in Home Access Center (HAC).
  • Click here to open the Home Access Center (HAC) info page.
  • Signing up for a Home Access Center (HAC) account provides valuable information to families. It shares grades, email addresses, schedules, attendance, transcripts and state test scores. Parents can also update their own email address and phone numbers on HAC so teachers can also reach them.

 How Can a Community Member Email the School?

  • The principal’s email is a hyperlink on the school’s main page – Send Mail– in the “Contact Us” box in the top right box.

2021-2022 E.F.E.S. Faculty and Staff

Administration/Office Staff

  • Dana  Cherry Bilby, Principal
  • Dennis Tysinger II,  Assistant Principal
  • Robert Casteen, Dean of Students
  • LaToya McGlone, School Counselor
  • Natalie Karakla  Academic Coach
  • Tammy Motley, Bookkeeper
  • Holly Martie, Secretary
  • Debbie Poston, School Nurse
  • Dionte Futrell, Back on Track Facilitator
  • Yolanda Howard, Cafeteria Manager

Early Start

  • Kimberly Petrasek, Grade Level Lead Teacher
  • Diana Bales
  • Amy Neal
  • Phyllis Rowe, T.A.
  • Thelma Sherrod, T.A.
  • Debbie Valentine, T.A.


  • Rebecca Knight, Grade Level Lead Teacher  
  • Jessica Vargas
  • Rachael Mays

First Grade

  • Lynette Phillips, Grade Level Lead Teacher
  • Alexis Davis
  • Kedra Smith
  • Temikca Dixon
  • Morgan Dietz

Second Grade

  • Jalicia Johnson, Grade Level Lead Teacher
  • Michelle Bird
  • Suzanne Johnson-Goosby
  • Dionne Spruill

Third Grade

  • Megan Eberhardt, Grade Level Lead Teacher
  • Lauren Crouch
  • Lois Lawrence
  • Monique Peet

Fourth Grade

  • Christy Fowler, Grade Level Lead Teacher
  • Debora McIntosh
  • Rachel Spagnuolo

Fifth Grade

  • Ashley Nettles, Grade Level Lead Teacher
  • Geri-Ann Gioia
  • Elizabeth South

Resource Teachers

  • Meredith Kerr- Art, Lead Teacher
  • Michael Parham- Music
  • Marisa Sheets- P.E.
  • Rosario Conn- Media Specialist
  • Krysta Bush TA – Computer Lab
  • Martha Griffin- Quest Instructor

Special Education

  • Ethel Williams
  • Sherri Bradford
  • Becky Hamlin
  • Kaitlyn Mixson
  • Quintina Speller-Williams
  • Karen Dube
  • Molly Grandy (Speech)
  • Jeanne Ireland (OT)
  • Marsha Hentz (PT)

Title I

  • Janice Parham, Title I Lead Teacher
  • Caren Bueshi

Teacher Assistants

  • Norma Williams
  • Tammy Pope
  • Kathleen Anderson
  • Melissa Lassiter
  • Dorothea Stone
  • Destiny Speller
  • Cindy Morgan
  • Erica Eason
  • Aubrie Donati
  • Everly Whitehead

 School Community Resources 

  • JaQuan Anderson- Communities in Schools
  • Tomeka Garner, Case Manager- Western Tidewater Community Services Board
  • Megan Green- Intercept Therapeutic Day Treatment


  • David Rascoe, Head Custodian
  • Dennis Coles
  • Vicki Eley
  • Michael Beecher
  • Chacon Gray